What is you appointment cancellation policy?

We need at least 1 hour notice to cancel/reschedule your appointment in order to re-allocate it. The surgeries are generally fully booked each day and if a patient does not attend without notifying us the appointment slot is wasted and could have been used by another patient. Our computerised system keeps a record of ‘no-shows’ on patient records.

What if I have multiple issues to discuss at my appointment?

If you have more than 1 issue to discuss with the GP at your consultation please advise the receptionist when you are making your appointment as you may require more than 1 appointment slot. There may be an additional charge for such appointments.

Do you offer family visit consultations?

Yes we do and have reduced pricing for such visits. Please advise the receptionist of this type of appointment when booking.

How should I order my prescription?

You should contact the surgery a few days in advance of your current script running out and advise the receptionist using the Repeat Script Form (download here or available at reception) listing in writing the items that you need on your repeat script to avoid items that you do not need being dispensed. Your script should be available 2 working days after ordering but check the next day by phone if it is ready incase the GP needs your BP or bloods checked before issuing the script.

When will my blood results be available?

Routine blood results should be back on our surgery system within 2-3 days of them being taken but to allow for all your results to be back on our system please allow 5 working days before contacting the surgery to check on them. If there is an issue with some of your blood results we will write out to you requesting that you make an appointment to discuss these with a GP, this is nothing to worry about as there were any issues that would require immediate attention one of our GP’s would contact you directly.

Is your surgery taking on new patients?

Please email info@milligan.ie if you wish to join our surgery.

How do I complain to the surgery?

If you have reason to raise a complaint about any aspect of your treatment or experience at our surgeries then please put your complaint in writing to the Practice Manager, Mr Glen Hassard at either of the surgeries and he will handle your complaint as per our complaints procedure (a copy of the complaints procedure is available at reception.

If there are any issues or suggestions about our practice you can email Glen at info@milligan.ie.



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